2012-2016 Yamaha R6 Race Team Package 2 Advanced (Virtual)


This system is for use with OEM Yamaha PN 13S-8591A-H0 or 13S-8591A-F0
This system was developed in response to ECU restrictions placed on the highest levels of American Road-Racing in 2014.
This system has powered the machines of champions and is designed to compete with systems like Motec and Marelli.

  • With this system your Stock ECU becomes far more powerful than a factory YEC racing ECUs while maintaining YEC wiring harness compatibility.
  • Our traction control (TC) system utilizes advanced ignition timing control strategies to offer superior feel when compared to piggyback (TC) systems.
  • Using advanced flashing technology, updates can be performed in 20 seconds compared to traditional flashing which can take over 6 minutes.
  • Includes software notes written by the developers describing how to best utilize the many maps and features.


This System Includes all of the following RaceTeam2 Features

  • – TC threshold map adjustment (TPS vs Gear) with switchable MapMode 1/2
  • – TC window limit adjustment for TPS, Gear, and RPM
  • – Ramping QuickShifter hold time adjustment (ms) per gear
  • – Ramping QuickShifter TC inhibit delay (ms)
  • – Ramping QuickShifter window limit adjustment for minimum RPM
  • – Ramping QuickShifter sensor trigger voltage and NC/NO adjustment
  • – Ramping Rev-Limiter gear specific RPM Limits
  • – Ramping Rev-Limiter activation kill percent by gear
  • – Ramping Rev-Limiter activation ignition retard by gear
  • – Pit-Road Speed Limit (MPH for all Gears)
  • – Pit-Road activation kill percent
  • – Pit- Road gearing correction
  • – Selectable Firing order for EU stock or US stock/YEC kit harness configurations
  • – Selectable tip-over sensor input channel for use with data streams


This System Includes all of the following Standard ECU Flashing Features

  • – High Resolution Fuel Mapping (TPS vs RPM) by cylinder
  • – High Resolution Fuel Mapping (MAP vs RPM) by cylinder
  • – Fuel acceleration enrichment adjustments
  • – Injector proportioning adjustments
  • – Ignition timing adjustment per gear
  • – Ignition idle trim adjustment
  • – Variable intake stack control
  • – Throttle-By-Wire base map adjustment per gear
  • – Throttle-By-Wire decel compensation per gear


Optional Hardware (Not Included)

  • – FT-Datalink ECU Flashing interface (includes ECU license to which race-team package will be assigned)
  • – Race Team Specific Bike Side harness for quick track-side adjustments.


 Product Licensing Requirements

  • This product requires an existing tuning license.
  • Unlike normal ECU licenses the FT ECU Race Team Packages will not be applied to your account immediately. Please allow 1-2 business days to post to your account.
  • FT ECU Race Team Package allows unlimited flashes for a single ECU. However additional licenses will be required for additional ECU’s


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