2008-2011 Yamaha R6 Race Team Package (activation card)


NOTE: This option is for if you would like to have the Race Team Package feature on an activation card mailed to you so that you can manually enter the code into your account, instead of a virtual purchase. If you would like to make a virtual purchase, please click here.
This system is for use with 08-11 generation R6

OEM Yamaha PN 13S-8591A-00, 13S-8591A-20, 13S-8591A-60,
13S-8591A-D0 etc

This system was developed in response to Motoamerica Superstock 600 rules of 2015
This system is a stripped down version of the 2012+ R6 Race team package.
It keeps all of the essentials while fitting into the space constraints of the Early generation ECUs (which used better velocity stacks than 10+ models)

  • With this system your Stock ECU becomes far more powerful than a factory YEC racing ECU while maintaining YEC wiring harness compatibility.
  • Our traction control (TC) system utilizes advanced ignition timing control strategies to offer superior feel when compared to piggyback (TC) systems.
  • Full ECU flashing only. No fast flashing with this version of R6 Race Team package
  • Includes software notes written by the developers describing how to best utilize the many maps and features.


This System Includes all of the following RaceTeam2 Features

  • – TC threshold map adjustment (TPS vs Gear) with switchable MapMode 1/2
  • – TC window limit adjustment for TPS, Gear, and RPM
  • – QuickShifter hold time adjustment (ms) per gear
  • – Rev-Limiter gear specific RPM Limits
  • – Pit-Road Speed Limit (MPH for all Gears)
  • – Selectable Firing order for EU stock or US stock/YEC kit harness configurations
  • – Selectable tip-over sensor input channel for use with data streams


This System Includes all of the following Standard ECU Flashing Features

  • – High Resolution Fuel Mapping (TPS vs RPM) by cylinder
  • – High Resolution Fuel Mapping (MAP vs RPM) by cylinder
  • – Fuel acceleration enrichment adjustments
  • – Injector proportioning adjustments
  • – Ignition timing adjustment per gear
  • – Ignition idle trim adjustment
  • – Variable intake stack control
  • – Throttle-By-Wire base map adjustment per gear
  • – Throttle-By-Wire decel compensation per gear


Optional Hardware (Not Included)

  • – FT-Datalink ECU Flashing interface (includes ECU license to which race-team package will be assigned)
  • – Race Team Specific Bike Side harness for quick track-side adjustments.


Product Licensing Requirements

  • This product requires an existing tuning license.
  • FT ECU Race Team Package allows unlimited flashes for a single ECU. However additional licenses will be required for additional ECUs


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