2017-19 R6 Auto-Blipper QS / Clutchless Downshifting Kit


ECU Based Auto-Blipper Kit

NOTE: We have a limited amount of new sensors in stock. All orders are being processed in the order they are received.

With this kit and your flashed ECU you can upshift & downshift smoother than would otherwise be possible without pulling the clutch!
The latest generation of R6 models is finally capable of producing smooth fast clutch-less downshifting!
After three years of development we are proud to release the best auto-blipper available.
This system provides positive feeling clutch-less downshifting that rivals even the OEM’s like BMW and Ducati

Note: Shift Sensor Connector with Red wire is for PUSH switch

Note: Shift Sensor Connector with Black wire is for PULL switch

This kit requires:
– ECU Flashing Kit and licensed ECU or the purchase of a mail-in ECU flashing service

This kit includes:
– 1 PUSH/PULL Type Shift Sensor
– 1 Type A & D shift rod
– QSS/Blipper Harness to connect your new sensors to your ECU (Stock or Kit Harness).
– Scratch-off Activation Card to authorize the auto-blipper to be used with your tuning license.


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