9/12/19 (
– Bug fix Kawi ActiveTune not initially displaying the X/Y axis header values.
– Improved notification when reading ECU is completed.
– Improved translations for all ECU write messages.
– Bug fix recovering ECU license after failed write attempt.

8/30/19 (
– Bugfix with diagnostic dialog
– Improved message flow with ActiveTune

8/28/19 (
– Bugfix flashing errors with older Yamahas and 2016+ zx14

8/27/19 (
– Bugfix displaying of file notes when loading or reloading a file.
– Bugfix the paid feature menu for enable/disable status.
– Bugfix progress bar updates for flash write to not pause in the write process and provide separate progress bar for communicating with the server.
– Bugfix users with non-ASCII characters in the username.
– Improved communication link between app and server.

7/23/19 (
– Improved communication to API server

7/19/2019 (
– Improved API robustness

7/11/2019 (
– bugfixes related white system text setting
– bugfixes registering new devices
– bugfixes creating restricted files

7/9/2019 (
– bugfixes related to registering hardware

7/8/2019 (
– bugfixes related to update process pointing to new servers

7/3/2019 (
-bugfix displaying of notes text and updating the nodes after editing.
-further improved language translations.
-added support for Arabic, Hebrew and Hindi.
-added settings dialog box from Help Menu to allow language selection, temperature unit selection [C or F] and clearing the settings data.
-improved ActiveTune to open without selecting any file, as long as the ECU was written using the latest software.
-improved ActiveTune to launch Write Flash and Save File As dialogs after the Save button is pressed.
-improved Linked Maps function to be one way link (1st map affects the 2nd map). To make a two way link, please add additional link from the 2nd map to the 1st map.
-improved User Login Dialog to enable the Register button without clearing User and Password fields.
-improved Paid Feature functionality to work with the latest data by processing on the server.
Note: Initial click on the Enable/Disable menu will take few seconds to appear.
-added internet check during flash write and read so that reconnect warning message will appear during processing.

3/14/2019 (
-bugfix when applying cylinder specific ActiveTune trims

3/14/2019 (
-Fan temp display bugfix
-Established default temp display C vs F by region

3/8/2019 (
-bugfix for winforms control language auto-resize handler

3/7/2019 (
-Improved error detection for user settings.
-Further improved language translations

2/22/2019 (
-Further improved language translations
-Break bug preventing editing of point values for MapView and ActiveTune
-Fixed Map Link bug not being restored when the Map View was re-opened.

2/22/2019 (
-Implemented initial language translations
-Implemented testing dialog for 4pin USB
-Added dialog allowing users to submit new files after read operation
-Improved messaging after reading ActiveTune trims

2/8/2019 (
-Bug fixed impacting non US/English region language settings
-Improved messaging if incorrect credentials used
-Bug fixed impacting restricted files which include paid features

2/7/2019 (
-Bug fixed impacting copying/pasting map values within the same view

2/7/2019 (
-Implemented Kawasaki specific fast-flashing for 2018+ Denso models
-Improved language resource handling

5/2/2018 (
-Fixed bug updating previously flashed 09-13 R1 files
-Improved Diagnostic P-code definitions
-Improved change detection for last block changes

4/12/2018 (
-Improved file read verification

3/26/2018 (
-Added File->”Save to Restricted” for creating access controlled .ftm files
-Bugfix for ActiveTune monitor when launched from navigation tree
-Improved server handling

3/12/2018 (
-Improved hardware handling
-Improved server handling
-Improved File handling

10/24/2017 (
-Bug Fixes for ActiveTune module installation for 2017 fz7/10
-Bug Fixes for xsr, mt, fz QS

08/23/2017 (
– Improved late model GSXR universal unlock method
– Fixed typo displaying 0 in Y axis header of 2d maps
– Map viewer selects upper-left cell for editing on load event
– QSS module revised for late model xsr, mt, fz Yamaha models
– AFmonitor trim saving performance improved
– File handling improved for Honda models

06/01/2017 (
– Improved 2017 GSXR1000 write process
– General bug fixes for write process
– fix typos in AFmonitor

05/31/2017 (
– Bug fixes for write process

05/30/2017 (
– Added read/write routines for Yamaha R3 models
– Revised GSXR pql module for 2017 models
– Revised AFmonitor messages
– Fixed ActiveTune issues related to ‘,’ decimals
– Fixed Activetune incorrectly uninstalling on BX4/BN6 models
– Fixed file comparison method errors with newer TF nodes

04/25/2017 (
– Implemented Fast Flashing for Honda 2017+ CBR1000rr

04/20/2017 (
– Connection improvements from ActiveTune Monitor
– General ECU write process improvements

03/21/2017 (
– Improved .ftm file loading speed.
– Added read/write routines for 2017 GSXR 1000

02/22/2017 (
– Added ActiveTune for 2016 zx10 and H2 models
– Added ActiveTune for 2015+ Yamaha YEC ECU
– Revised sensor validation period for Yamaha ActiveTune models
– Added sensor calibration for all ActiveTune models
– Added download/monitor options to AFmonitor allowing faster trim downloads
– Revised 2008+ Suzuki GSXR/GSX/GSXS Quickshift, Launch Control, Pit Limiter strategies
– Increased bit resolution for fast flash checksums
– Email validation bug fix for in software device registration

01/12/2017 (
– Data Viewer now stores all recorded data to .csv files
– Saved .csv files may be opened later and reviewed
– ActiveTune Bug fixed when base map RPM exceeds highest trim value RPM
– ActiveTune now allows installation into 2017 R6 models

12/6/16 (
– Resolved conflicts with YDT dealer diagnostic tool and generic OBD-II scanners
All diagnostic functions operate transparently except dealer ECU programming
Obtain post-recall tune files from FTECU in the event of an ECU recall

11/30/16 (
– Fixed bug causing “Error Offline” message logging into accounts with special characters

11/29/16 (
– Revised HW validation settings for ActiveTune Lambda controllers
– ActiveTune embedded version checked at connection improving communication
– ActiveTune settings and maps now save while updating versions
– Improved read/write operations for late model kawasaki’s

11/07/16 (
– Updated Fast Flash checksum routine. Next flash may take longer than normal
– Made ActiveTune learned values grid breakpoints user editable
– Fixed ActiveTune bug not applying WOT values to hidden basemap TPS columns greater than 100
– Revised ActiveTune default limit values

10/26/16 (
– Made ActiveTune learned values grids user editable before applying corrections to basemaps
– Improved optional ActiveTune learned value smoothing function when applying corrections to basemaps

10/24/16 (
– Updated ActiveTune embedded SW limit strategy (all available models)
– Updated DataRecord Dialog to disable pan/zoom while recording
– ActiveTune UI bug fixes

10/20/16 (
– Updated Diagnostic Dialog to remove stored trouble events at KEY ON
– Updated Diagnostic Dialog to recall ROM disabled code states
– Updated ActiveTune user interface

10/19/16 (
– Added ActiveTune button to device menu for faster access
– Added smoothing to ActiveTune learned value importing

10/17/16 (
– Implemented ActiveTune AFR kit on 15+R1, R1s, FZ10, MT10, FZ09, MT09, XSR900, FJ900, FZ07, and MT07 models
– Improved data recording dialog

8/17/16 (
– Implemented diagnostic code scanning/ disabling for 17+ Yamaha models
– bugfixes for PC import

7/30/16 (
– closing modified files prompt bugfix
– PC import now interprets multi-map .pvm files (first map used)

7/14/16 (
– prompt added when closing modified files
– case sensitivity for user email address fixed
– bugfix for manually defined map axis
– typos fixed in user flashing prompts
– improved default map values for GSXR launch control
– fixed manual input for negative map values
– file dialog remembers folder when saving/opening
– improved error checking for data streams

6/2/16 (
– Bugfixes for late model Yamaha flashing “Fail Error: Invalid ECU image…”

6/1/16 (
– Added in software data logging and map tracing for 2015+ R1 models

5/27/16 (
– Improved flashing communication

4/21/16 (
– Implemented automatic driver packaged installation
– Implemented in-software account creation
– Implemented device checking in registration to determine registered email
– Implemented document center link in help menu

3/17/16 (
– Bug fix for FJ09 quickshifter

3/15/16 (
– Added QS Pit-Road and Launch Control for all 08+ GSXR models

3/5/16 (
– Implemented ECU copy protection for 16 ZX10 and H2
– Added Auto-blipper to 2016 zx10
– Improved overwrite warning to include license number to be overwritten

2/3/16 (
– Improved writing and error reporting for 2016 zx10
– Read ECU and Write ECU dialogs automatically start process
– Improved application update process

12/13/15 (
– Improved writing initialization for 2016 zx10
– restore last directory in file open dialogue

12/10/15 (
– Improved writing initialization for 2016 zx10

12/8/15 (
– Improved writing initialization for 2016 zx10

12/5/15 (
– Improved writing initialization for 2016 zx10
– Fixed map comparison bug with mitsubishi ECUs

12/3/15 (
– Improved reading initialization for 2016 zx10

12/2/15 (
– Improved error reporting for 2016 zx10 models

11/24/15 (
– Updated file recognition for YFZ450 models
– Bug fixes for 03-04 zx6 models

11/14/15 (
– Bug Fixes for mitsubishi ECUs
– Bug Fixes for fz-09 QSS

11/12/15 (
– Added mitsubishi flashing Processes to support FTDataLinkv2.0 interfaces
– minor bug fixes

7/10/15 (
– Fixed bug saving file notes when uploading to account
– Fixed bug viewing maps when US-culture decimal separator is set to ‘,’ instead of ‘.’
– Updated warning message for ECUs which are not natively readable

7/03/15 (
– Added public file sharing capability (right click private files to share)
– Added user map storage on server up to 50MB per registered user
– Added map file subscriptions to file manager
– Added paid feature support with activation codes for Auto-Blipper kits
– Added Splash Screen While loading
– Added prevention of multiple program instances
– Added File Caching to speed up loading multiple similar files
– Added message when attempting to read ECUs not natively readable
– Improved user account switching performance
– Updating file notes no longer closes mapview windows
– Improved recursive map copying performance
– Fixed bug in file comparison when checking 2d m

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