FTECU ECU Based Quickshifter Kit


ECU Based Quick shifter Kits

NOTE: We have a limited amount of new sensors in stock. All orders are being processed in the order they are received.

With this kit and your flashed ECU you can up-shift without letting off the throttle or pulling the clutch!
This kit includes everything you will need to utilize your FTecu flashed ECU’s Quick shifter Input.

Our new QS sensors are now smaller and more reliable than ever!
Manufactured by us here in the USA!

Note: Red wire is PUSH Black wire is PULL

This kit includes:
– QS sensor (PUSH/PULL).
– Rod kit for your bike (cutting may be required to fit)
– Harness to interface to your ECU.

NOTE: Must have bike side harness for FZ-07/MT-07, FZ-09/MT-09, FJ-09 & XSR900 QS Kit

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